17 July, 2010

HELMUT LANG: fall 2010

Nicole and Michael Colovos approached their fall line with the concept of creating modern structures on top of the classics.
The patterns in this collection were bold and prominent, but not over powering. the neutral colors assisted in taming these patterns, and transforming them into flowing canvases.
BLACK. BLACK. BLACK. As usual, all black ensembles played a huge role in this collection for the two designers. Black is such an understated color. It is beautiful, chic, and romantic.
The color was brought in again with more prints, these a little more chaotic than the others; not only in their prints but in the way the actual garments are shaped.

Helmut Lang's fall 2010 was a lovely collection of enhanced classics. It's darkness holds a sense of mystery and romanticism wrapped into one.

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  1. Love that style !!!
    Keep rocking !