27 May, 2010


So, I've decided to start this new feature on my blog aptly named PICK OF THE WEEK where I, you guessed it, I PICK an item, whether that be accessories, clothing, or fragrances, that i think should be in your closet/ wish they were in mine. there will be two picks of the week: one for boys, and one for girls. today's pick of the week (for girls... or boys like me who don't mind a little androgynous dress here and there) is:
RODARTE: Marbled, Looped Wool Cardigan
US $ 3,220.00

Comme Des Garçons Fall Winter 2010/2011

Rei Kawakubo never ceases to amaze and bewilder me with her astonishing, head turning garments. Kawakubo's work is more than just clothes, it is art. That's not say that all clothing, designer that is, is not art, but there is a certain essence to everything Rei does that is almost like looking at a sculpture from one of the greats of centuries past. This collection was a perfect example of her expertise at forming the impossible and reworking the beautiful to her own definition. Rei Kawakubo is master at what she does, and I pray that we will have many more collections as marvelous as this one to come.

22 May, 2010

qualifications to be my husband are as follows:

Cole Mohr


photo credit: Hedi Slimane

coming back with a bang.

It has been over a year since Marc Jacobs has released a men's fragrance. What better way to make sure that it is noticed quickly (as if anything this man does goes unnoticed...) than to pose nude on a silver Mylar bed? The fragrance will be available at all Marc Jacobs boutiques and Bloomingdales this July.

18 May, 2010

Celine FAll 2010 runway show

To even begin to attempt to limit down the Celine Fall 2010 collection to a few pictures of my personal favorites was impossible. this collection was even stronger than the last. Phoebe Philo's use of structure and line is impeccable. "Strong. Powerful. Reduced.", as Philo puts it in her own words. I could not agree more with miss Philo. Sleek funnel necks, long coats, cut v neck dresses, leather shirts and pockets, and flowing blouses, all in a color pallet of black, navy, and white, Phoebe's, sleek modern garments are exactly what the market needs to get women back in the department stores stimulating our economy. Another successful season by the comeback designer. Cannot fathom what possibly could be next. but what ever it may be, we know if it has Phoebe's mark on it, it will be great.